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Why Pay Solutions Stands out from the rest!

Tired of paying too much for your current, over-priced, never “quite-right” payroll software with its multitude of limitations? Ever wonder why the small common-sense “extras” that you require cost so much and aren’t included in the price in the first place? Wondering if there is a solution for your company which will resolve these issues for you, offer you more than you currently experience, as well as aligns with the technical advancements of IT? Your solution is already waiting for you at Pay Solutions, Payrolls for Africa.

Pay Solutions utilises PSiberWorks to provide clients with the best of both worlds, for their payroll needs. “Best of both” means that you can experience the benefits of cloud-based technology while experiencing good old fashioned personal services. So while the technology is advanced and offers all the benefits you’ve come to expect, Pay Solutions never loses sight of the fact that the basis of all companies are their human constituent. Pay Solutions staff are highly trained on all aspects of payroll processing, legislation relating to payroll, such as: anything SARS-related, COIDA (Workman’s Compensation), UIF and more, while never forgetting that service with a smile will never goes out of style!

Clients of Pay Solutions already know that they are in the hands of the professionals who deliver their best expertise and know-how while proactively ensuring that their payrolls are processed according to spec each and every time. Pay Solutions’ Clients will also attest to the fact that Pay Solutions is much more than just an outsourced payroll processing company! Functions like Payroll Administration take-on, processing, EFT & Third party payments as well as mid-year and year-end SARS submissions form just the tip of the ice-burg where service offerings are concerned. The large variety of both Payroll and Human resources services provided is a reflection of how invested they are to extending above and beyond the needs of their clients.

In addition, Pay Solutions offers a variety of HR services, which are designed around value-added features to enhance this aspect of your business: a aspect which has a history of being both paper intensive and admin rigorous.  The PSiberWorks HR module offers your business the benefit of effortless reporting, pre-determined, industry-specific processing of HR-related aspects, such as disciplinarians or skills development and training; web-based and easy to access from any device with access to the internet employers and administrators enjoy the ability to  “anytime” facilities  making administration faster, easier and simpler. Employees can experience the simplicity of the system with an Employee Self-service option which can similarly be accessed through a range of devices, allowing your employees never-before experienced ease of access and seamless processing.

As a service provider to more than 200 clients, with the combined experience of staff expertise culminating in more than 75 years in Payroll and Human resources, Pay Solutions is accredited by the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT) and an association member of PAGSA and is proud of the stellar reputation which the company has within the payroll industry and with customers. Pay Solutions can go head-to-head with any other payroll service provider at prices which are accessible to companies of all sizes. For a quote on how Pay Solutions can assist you with your Payroll Processing, contact them now!