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Payroll Administration Services by Pay Solutions

Payroll Administration offered by Pay Solutions, using the first cloud based payroll in South Africa, will cover the following functions:

Payroll Administration Take-On:

  • Setting up the company with all the rules pertaining to  the company
  • Capturing of the employees into our payroll system with year to date totals if required
  • Testing the payroll and also run parallel to check against an existing  payroll

Payroll Administration Processing:

  • Processing monthly, fortnightly & weekly payrolls
  • Capturing of all payroll changes e.g. Overtime, loans etc.
  • Management of loans and maintenance of the outstanding balances
  • Variances sent to client for sign off of payroll
  • Printing of Payslips.
  •  Monthly Electronic submission of UIF records to Department of labour

Payroll Administration EFT & 3rd Party Payments

  • Electronic Payment of Nett payments into employee bank accounts
  • Electronic Payment of all third party payments and providing third parties with documentation relating to the payment.
  • Payment of Garnishee order requests
  • Submission of EMP201 & payment there-of on SARS e-filing
  • Provide client with electronic  of reports i.e. variance report – showing differences between the current and previous pay period, listing of all earnings & deductions, Medical Aid and Retirement fund reports, Unions, SARS etc. ( available to be e-mailed or on a CD)
  • Creation of electronic GL to interface with most accounting packages
  • Industrial Council Reports

Other Payroll Administration Services

  • Maintain all leave records
  • Handling all payroll queries for staff and management

Mid-Year and Tax-Year End Submissions

  • Balance and submission of August & Tax Year end IRP5 certificates to SARS
  • Create IRP5 Tax Certificates for employees at tax year end.

Simply furnish us with payroll data and month changes and we will process your payroll.

We are promoting “Green” – therefore print as few hard copies of reports as possible.

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