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Employment Equity Returns

Employment Equity is one of the most important aspects of your business as it regulates how your organisations recruitment, promotions and skills development decisions and investments are made. 

If you are a designated employer and you are not using Employment Equity as the reference for all of your staff turnover, movement and training, you are exposing yourself to potential fines from the Department of labour for which CEO’s and Managing Directors are directly responsible for.

Employment Equity can make or break your organisation. Is your company prepared to face severe or possibly crippling fines if you not staying up to date with the ever changing face of equity?

Pay Solutions offers qualified consultants to assist you with your Employment Equity.

Employment Equity cannot be fully achieved by simply reporting to the Department on an annual basis. The process is one which needs to be carefully considered, analyses and updated regularly. It is not just the responsibility of the company CEO but of all senior managers, staff and your committee members. Everyone has their role to play in transformation.

Our role

We will assess your current status of your employment equity within the company, whether you are newly designated or already reporting regularly, legislation and requirements change. It is our role to keep you up-to-date and compliant.

In order to achieve full compliance for employment equity, company’s must meet several specific requirements, all of which are equally important. Failing to achieve all of the aspects of Employment Equity can result in non-compliance and subsequent financial strain as a result of heavy fines.

We will guide your company through the process ensuring equity in your organisation meets the requirements of the Employment Equity Act.

The Department of Labour, published a new Gazette in September 2018 which makes clear that the “slow pace” of transformation and self-imposed and unmonitored goals and targets will no longer be tolerated. Employers should be prepared to see a new level of requirement as inspectors look beyond laid-back employment equity plans and for positive and progressive re-dressing of your company’s active employees.

Areas of focus

The Department of Labour has identified slow reform specifically within African and Coloured population groups and people with disabilities continuing to remain under-represented. The Department identifies “lack of commitment and willingness to change” as a major reason for unacceptably low reform within the middle to upper occupation levels. Companies who are not showing real transformation can no longer afford a laid-back approach to employment equity.

How we can assist

Employment equity audit to identify the current level of compliance and gaps

Set up employment equity policies and practices within the company

Facilitate your committee selection and meeting

Provide you with procedures and documentation to facilitate the consultation process

Assist with analysis of employment equity data required for reporting and assessing employment equity within the organisation

Facilitate with the identification of barriers to employment equity & subsequent affirmative action measures required to achieve transformation

Training for committee members, managers and staff

Employment Equity awareness programs

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