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COIDA Returns (formerly WCA)

Earnings to be included in the COIDA (WCA) Return are:

  • Regular Overtime.
  • Bonuses of a regular nature e.g. (Annual Bonus)
  • Commission of a regular nature.
  • The cash value of food and quarters provided to employees as part of their remuneration package.
  • Cash value of fringe benefits – company car, accommodation, reduced rates etc.
  • Earnings / Drawings paid to working Directors of a Company or Members of a Close Corporation

When completing the COIDA (WCA) return the following information is required by month;

  • Actual earnings for the month, head count (Directors & Members in separate column).
  • Project earnings and head count for the coming year.

Pay Solutions will complete and ensure that your return is completed and submitted to the Commissioner, once a Director of the respective company has approved the declaration.

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