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Partner with Pay Solutions

Pay Solutions is the ideal business partner for any size company and their payroll needs. If you are considering engaging a new payroll provider or even if you are dissatisfied with your current payroll provider and wish to outsource this function enabling you to focus on your core business function, then these are something that you may want to consider before making your ultimate decision.

Customer Service Goals

Does the prospective company align with your company’s goals and targets and are they able to support the company’s vision by walking along side your company for the long haul? A company which has a reputation for being proactive in its customer service is what company’s of all sizes want. Sitting back and being complacent with the bare-minimum is the worst approach any service provider can have. Pay Solutions wants the best for their clients and will always take the proactive approach to ensuring all of their clients are receive customer services which is of the uptmost quality. It is because Pay Solutions is equipped to handle any company from any industry, no matter how many branches or employees you may have. Complex remuneration structures are easily facilitated. Personal care cannot be over-estimated and that is what you will receive, month in and month out.


Fly by nights will come and go. Pay Solutions has been providing superior customer care and expertise since inception and with a client base of over 200, and growing, customers can benefit from the other 75 years of group experience that the staff of Pay Solutions provides. Payrolls can be complicated and mistakes can cost your company in penalties as well as staff dissatisfaction. Experience and knowledge prevent these un-welcome issues so do not compromise your company’s employee relations. Choose wisely.


Payroll is one of the areas which have really flourished with the advent of technological advances. Pay Solutions has always been on the cusp of change and is no stranger to engaging with first-world developments resulting from cloud-based programmes. Easily integrated with your current systems, Pay Solutions utilises the most advanced payroll management system available in South Africa today which allows you and your employees access from anywhere in the world as long as you have wifi and a device. Employees can use their phones, laptops or on-site kiosks to capture their leave requests, expenses, and requests for PPE, just as a start. Employers can notify their staff of important dates, meetings and send out en-mass communications. Supervisors and line managers can approve leave, set up disciplinarians and the like, immediately online on a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software interfaces, making their administrative functions simpler, easier and faster. All process are already pre-populated within the system, according to industry specific requires and best practices, which means less training and more efficient administration for all.

Value-added products and services

What can your current service provider offer you in terms of value-added products? Pay Solutions is more than just a Payroll service provider. Pay Solutions also offers assistance with all of your HR needs. As these 2 areas are uniquely different yet inter-dependant, customers can enjoy a “one-stop-shop” service from Pay Solutions.

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