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Why Choose Pay Solutions? Trusted by over 200 clients

Pay Solutions – Payrolls for Africa

Understanding payroll and the needs of your business in terms of regulations from SARS, Department of Labour etc, is something that takes expertise and a guarantee that everything will be executed accurately and correctly first time, every time.

When it comes to running a successful business, there is no getting away from the fact that your business requires a payroll company which is trustworthy and reputable. As you grow your business or even as your current large business grows, it is imperative that you have a payroll system and company that you can rely on.

With advances in technology, you want a payroll system that will advance and strengthen your business by offering you access to all the latest aspects that technology can offer. Which is why Pay Solutions offers so many new and innovative solutions for your business. Pay Solutions understands that while certain aspects of payroll are standard and regulated, there are also many other ways in which we can help your company to gain access to the latest advancements which will make the process simply much easier for you, your management team and your staff.
Pay Solutions has been operational since 2002 and has experience with all industries and sectors, which means that when you choose Pay Solutions you are choosing a payroll solutions expert in the industry and therefore have access to a team of dedicated staff who are available to assist you with all of your payroll who will also assist you with all of the additional aspects relating to payroll. For example: the return of earnings process.

Pay Solutions prepares and submits all relevant past figures and estimated figures as required as well as assist with the completion of the relevant documentation and submits it straight to the Department of Labour or other relevant industry bodies such as RMA. This means that our clients don’t have to think about this process… its all done on your behalf, guided by your company’s own specific Client Assistant. Pay Solutions is so versatile that no matter the size of your organisation, you are guaranteed personalised customer service.

So when you choose Pay Solutions as your preferred business partner, you gain access the years of knowledge the we have in the industry as well as the benefits of personalised customer care that can only be offered to you by a company which understands what your business needs are … be it a small business or a large business, you can be sure that everything pertaining to your payroll is taken care of.

So many aspects you’re your daily payroll needs are accessible and attainable when you use Pay Solutions in that we can personalise your payroll! The technological infrastructure behind the payroll software is so advanced that it can literally transform how your view payroll … from boring old payroll, to a real and relevant tool which helps you to manage your company’s employee profile and by doing so allow you to be able to choose what you want to see, what your reports reflect and allow to apply it in a relevant manner in your business.

If this sounds like the solution that you need for your business and you are looking for easy and seamless application with relevant technological aspects to help you run your business, then Pay Solutions is the payroll provider for you.