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Pay Solution look at the Benefits of an HR Audit

While the term “HR Audit” sounds rather daunting and may leave you feeling cold, the truth is that there are many legislative aspects of your HR and IR environment which, if left unchecked may present a variety of loop-holes which may land you in hot water with the Department of Labour inspectors, who when they descend can send your HR, Finance and Payroll departments into a flurry of activity in order to prepare within painfully short deadlines.

The Human Resources audit is designed to assess what your business already has in place and to identify what you are may be missing and which policies and procedures you may be doing which are non-compliant. All of that being said, the HR audit is therefore the best way to ensure that you are doing everything correctly with it comes to your human resources. This is a vital tool which will enable you to plan and prioritise what your business needs are so that you are able to place yourself in a position of power knowing that you are not at risk of incurring additional costs which may result from incorrect procedures or worse, CCMA cases.

We all know the phrase that the devil is in the detail and it’s the devil that can land you in hot water. Moreover, there may be situations where an HR Audit could save your business financially. Each company has its own unique set of circumstances often just as unique as the people who work for them. Different industries need to comply in different ways to others. Depending on whether you fall under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act or forms part of a Bargaining Council, this will have an effect on your company’s requirements in terms of its policies and procedures. Some companies qualify for Employment Equity which adds another layer on the level of legislation which needs to be observed, while others are concerned about BBBEE which add another layer still. And to make matters more complex, legislation which applies to the BCEA or Labour Relations Act, may not be aligned to legislation in the Employment Equity Act or the bargaining council’s requirements. All of these intricate layers of complexity need to be navigated carefully and with in-depth knowledge of all of these complexities which is why your organisation can simply benefit from taking the time to have a professional perform and HR audit.

Human Resources is an area of your business which deserves to be present at the “Big Boys” table. Any organisation which has not checked the nuts and bolts details of their HR policies and procedures needs to take a long, hard look at the reasons. Financially speaking, the HR Audit pays for itself in the long-run. So if you are unsure or concerned in any way that you may have reason to check your company’s HR procedures, act now and contact Pay Solutions HR Department to secure your piece of mind.