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Go paperless with Pay Solutions new innovative HR software


Paper: Simply one of the best and well-loved innovations of all time. The power of the written word on paper has allowed us access to opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. Just add your signature and your authority is official. When in doubt, get it in writing, on paper.

With the growth of the invention of computers and similar technologies such as faxes, printers, scanners and the like, paper has managed to remain a major part of our personal lives and working environments. Decades ago, the idea of a paperless world seemed imminent yet the opposite proved to be the case as we sit with files and cabinets of copies of documents that we might need, just in case of emergency. Technology has afforded us ways to keep our papers safe, duplicate them at will, send them across the world and destroy them at the click of a button. As technology made our lives easier, so we began having more and more physical paper in our lives. As we started to find ways to store our documents on our computers, we moved to have both hard copy as well as soft copies of all of our working documents.

A paperless working environment seems unrealistic especially in an HR environment which is renowned for being admin intensive. Take the leave process as an example of just how much paperwork can be generated from one individual, which then moves through a process of authorising, to capturing, to storing.

Pay Solutions offers our clients a chance to change their lives and their HR processes, with our new HR software. Fully integrates seamlessly with your current payroll system, no matter which payroll you use. At the moment that you decide to go paperless in your HR, Pay Solutions is ready to assist you with the rollout of your HR requirements with their innovative HR software. Modern technology now provides genuine reduction of the use of paper which will not only save you on time and costs but will also make your HR easier, simpler and instant. An entire HR department’s functionality is now in one space, accessible from your laptop, desktop, cell phone or tablet, anywhere where you have access to wifi.

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Remuneration and Benefits
  • On boarding of employees
  • Learning and Development
  • Employee relations
  • Transformation
  • Performance
  • Employee Exits

Your entire human capital life cycle can be managed online with zero requirements for printing, copying, attaching of documents. Processes and procedures based on best practices specific to each industry are already set up in the back-ground for you so that employers don’t have to create their own meaning that the system intuitively knows what the next step is, even before you do. So if you know nothing about HR or do not have the budget for an HR person or department, we can assure that you wont need to with our software. It almost runs itself.

Employees have access to all of their own information online, which is secure and allows them access to anything they might need for example, printing payslips should they chose to, or printing a copy of their leave form if required.

Simpler, Smarter, Instant.