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Employment Equity Transformation – Part 1

Employment Equity Transformation – Diversity is present when differences in culture, race, ethnicity, language, nationality and religion are represented within a cluster of people. For an organisation, this denotes that diversity promotes and enhances a variety of staff skills and agency success.

Traditionally speaking, different businesses have different norms, views, behavioural tendencies and value systems based on the composition of their management structures, leadership pinnacles, organisational culture and staff compliment. The greater the diversity of agents that conduct your business, the higher the degree of multiformity and the higher success of dealing with complex, interpersonal and operational challenges.

To state a case for being pro-diversity; why should we suspect the concept to be relevant? People from different races, organisational cultures, religions and other differentiating criterions are prone to have different life experiences. This, in turn, flavours their interpretation of events, possible solutions to challenges both normative and unique.

These differences in people can bring strength to the group if they are identified, valued and integrated into the group dynamics. The need for Employment Equity Transformation and diversity stems not only from being in line with best practices in the HR aspect of labour-relations but forms a baseline for compliance with Employment Equity legislation.

As the reporting season for Employment Equity submission of the EEA2 and EEA4 has now opened, employers may be asking themselves how to go about operationalising their affirmative action measures that further diversity across occupational levels. By examining the key areas that deal with staff turnover, and obtaining positive results from existing staff-related company practices, value can be obtained incrementally by aligning these practices to pre-defined Employment Equity Strategies.

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