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Everything you need to know about UIF Maternity Claims – Part Two

Let’s dive straight in on Part two of Frequently Asked Questions on everything you need to know about UIF Maternity Claims –

My employer is paying me my first month maternity leave in full. When am I supposed to submit my Application?

  • You can only submit your application when you do not receive your full monthly remuneration anymore. If you submit it before then your application will be rejected by the system.

Claim Period

  • You can only claim for the time you are actually on maternity leave; i.e. if you take only two (2) months of maternity leave, you can only claim for two (2) months benefits, even if you have enough credits available to claim for four (4) months.

If you take six (6) months maternity leave and your employer will be paying you your full salary for two (2) months, you will be able to claim for the four (4) additional months that you will not be receiving a salary. The law entitles you to a full four months of maternity leave and any time you take off from work longer than that is by your own choice. Your claim however can only be submitted when you don’t receive any monies from your employer.

What can I expect to be paid?

  • You can expect to receive between 38% and 58% of your gross salary per month. The last four (4) years are taken into account.

The maximum gross salary that is used to calculate your maternity benefit is R17 712 – effective from the 1st June 2021.

Can I claim if I am paid by the hour?

  • Yes, you can. Simply add the last six (6) month’s salary and divide it by six (6), do the same with your UIF contributions. Your employer must use these amounts to fill in your UI-19 and UI-2.7.

Can I claim UIF if I resign while I am pregnant?

  • Yes, you can claim four (4) months maternity benefits if you resign (this is the only time that you can claim UIF benefits when you resign).

I have changed jobs in the last four years, how does this affect my claim?

  • If you have changed jobs in the last four (4) years, your previous employer(s) will have to complete a UI.19 form, in order for you to receive maximum credits, for your four (4) months Maternity UIF benefit.

I have been retrenched or my contract ended, can I still claim UIF benefits?

  • Yes, you can claim for Maternity Benefits and then Unemployment Benefits. You must first claim for UIF maternity benefits, (it does not matter how far pregnant you are – you can claim now). If you apply for unemployment, first you will not be able to claim for Maternity Benefits.

I am already on maternity leave, can I still claim?

  • Yes, you must apply within six (6) months from of birth of your baby. The Department of Labour will back pay your benefits from the start of your maternity leave, to the date of your application.

How will I be paid?

  • Benefit payments will be deposited directly into your personal bank account. Remember it must be your personal account and not a joint account.

How long before I receive my first payment?

  • The first payment is often a very small amount. You are paid for the days from the beginning of your leave up to the date your claim is handed in. A larger payment will follow within approximately a week.

Thereafter we do a continuation of payment every month, and 7 – 10 days after that date of submission, you will receive your monthly payment. Your last payment will be paid to you when you have already commenced work again.

Please let me know of any payments you receive.

Will I be taxed?

  • No tax is payable on UIF maternity Benefits

Can the Department see if I receive any money into my account and reject my claim?

  • This is not true. The only reason that they want proof of your banking details is to make sure that your bank account is active and that they pay the money into the right account. Remember your bank account must be in your own name! You cannot use your husband’s account or even a joint account.

I have claimed maternity UIF benefits in the last four years. Can I claim now?        

  • You can claim now. Only if you claimed sick or unemployment benefits you will probably not be able to claim now.

I am a Non-South African Employee.

  • Since 2010, workers that are not citizens of South Africa can claim UIF from the Department of Labour.

These applications take longer to approve.

Must have:

  • Valid work permit
    • Contribute to UIF

What forms from the Department of Labour will I need to fill in?

  • UI-2.3: Application for Maternity Benefits
  • UI-19: Employers Declaration
  • UI-2.7: Remuneration received by the employee
  • UI-2.8: Application to pay Benefits into banking account
  • Salary Schedule for each of my employers for the last four (4) years.

How long does it take to process my claim?

6-8 weeks is a good estimate, however, as with any government department there are often delays

Contact us to find out more information on claiming UIF Maternity Benefits.