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UIF TERS relief funds now extended until mid-September

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has announced a further extension to the Temporary Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) benefit payments until September 15.


This means that the government will offer lockdown relief funds to qualifying sectors by placing cash in the hands of workers during the lockdown period.

The TERS benefit is available for employees whose employers are: –

  • Not permitted to commence operations either partially or in full in terms of the Regulations published in terms of the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 (“Regulations“);
  • Unable to make alternative arrangements for vulnerable employees, as defined, to work from home or are unable to take the measures contemplated in the Occupational Health and Safety Direction (“OHS Direction“); or
  • Unable to fully or partially make use of their services due to operational requirements based on economic, technological, structural or similar needs of the employer due to compliance with the Regulations or directions. Examples include the need to limit the number of employees at the workplace though rostering, staggering of working hours, short time and the introduction of shift systems.

Important to note:

  • TERS applications for March 2020 to end July 2020 shall close on 15 September 2020
  • 1 August 2020 to 15 September 2020 TERS applications shall close 30 October 2020. No applications will be accepted after 30 October 2020

The signed extension letter for TERS