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SARS Tax Number for employees

SARS Tax Numbers for Employees

Pay Solutions wish to remind their clients why SARS Tax Numbers are Essential at time of appointment by the Employer.

SARS Tax Number for employees


Easty File – what is Easy File?

  • It is an online system for Employers to submit their Tax Returns.


  • With effect from August 2015, Employers will be unable to complete their Mid-Year Tax Submissions without the Employees SARS Tax Number.
  • SARS Tax Number- Why do Employees have to have a SARS Tax Number – if you are earning an Income, you have to register with SARS.
  • If your Income is below the Tax Threshold, you do not Pay Tax.
  • Once you are earning above the Threshold which is currently over R120,000.00 per year – you will pay tax.

Employers or Employees may apply for SARS Tax Numbers for the Employee:

SARS First-time taxpayers:

  • TIP – Ensure you are not already registered by calling the SARS Contact Centre.

When registering as a new taxpayer (if the Employee is registering themselves), you need to:

  • Visit your nearest SARS Branch
  • Complete the applicable tax registration form –   Income Tax for individuals – IT77

You will need the following documents to be submitted with your completed  IT77 Form:

  • A certified legible copy of your ID, passport or drivers license. Certification of copied documents can be done at your nearest police station (just remember to take the original along too).
  • Proof of address (this can be a rates bill, utilities bill, phone bill, bank statement etc – anything that shows your name and your address on an official letterhead)
  • 3 months banks statements, original and stamped by the bank.

Ensure SARS gives you an acknowledgement slip as it contains your reference number and stands as proof that you have indeed submitted your registration forms.

Pay Solutions take care of all tax requirements for their clients as well as any payroll related function.

For more information on SARS Easy filing click here: