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How Pay Solutions started 18 years ago

Pay Solutions was started by myself, Shirley Combe, in November 2002. It was ignited by two little sparks.

Pay solutions story

Spark 1: While working as a Payroll Manager in a corporate company, I attended a  departmental meeting in which our Financial Manager said, “You know – we have to do a really good job here because this is one of the departments that can easily be outsourced”.

Spark 2:  Not long after this I was invited to a networking breakfast and who should be there but Rob Nowicki to tell us about a payroll system that he and his wife had developed for small payrolls. I remember him using the analogy about a farmer who could be in the fields and could take his PC up to a little ‘Koppie’ to get a signal and then process a payroll with payslips, reports and leave balances for his workers.

Having known Rob as a man of integrity for several years prior to that meeting, I trusted his entrepreneurship so when the company I was working for was taken over by a ‘giant’, I had the option of a job in the payroll department or retrenchment. I opted for the latter and contacted Rob about his ‘little on-line payroll’.

At the time, I was extremely fortunate as the take-over company was selling off some of the smaller companies and until that happened, I was asked to take over those payrolls in my new venture. The company also had many pensioners for whom we managed their medical aid and which the new company did not want to include in their take over so this responsibility became mine as well.  Experts were brought in who then ran some numbers and it was decided to pay the pensioners a lump sum to pay their own medical aid. This kept me going for nearly 2 years – obtaining Tax Directives, IRP5’s etc.

Today, Pay Solutions is a national and international payroll bureau employing ten permanent staff members with a collective payroll experience of 150 years.

We market ourselves as ‘Your Off-Site’ Payroll Administrators, processing payrolls with a basket of services customisable to meet any companies payroll requirements, irrespective of their size. Our services include:

  • Total payroll processing of all employees weekly, bi-monthly or monthly
  • Leave Management
  • Statutory Management
  • UIF (Monthly declarations)
  • SARS (EMP201 submissions, payment uploads, tax directives, Aug and Year End EMP501’s, reconciliations)
  • COIDA (Annual uploads, obtaining LOGS)
  • Stats SA reports

If its payroll or HR admin related, we do it.