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Pay Solutions Saving Takes the Hassle out of Payroll

Pay Solutions is a forward thinking company that is firmly established in the market place as one of the leading national payroll outsourcing companies.

What sets Pay Solutions apart?

Experience makes all the difference. It means that solutions are reached faster and more efficiently and even prevented from happening in the first place. No amount of new technology can please good old fashioned human awareness. Payroll is more than just the software and programmes which are used. Payroll and all of its underlying functions is dependent on the capability of those who are processing the payroll. Complex tax laws, monthly and annual deadlines and inferior reports are potential bumps along the road which can take many man hours to overcome, resulting in large administrative costs as well as unnecessary fines or interest being accrued. Why risk these additional business costs when there is already a solution available. The solution is to lean on the experience and dependability of an established and respected payroll service provider.

How Pay Solutions can save you both time and money.

  • Outsourced payrolls are cheaper in hardware, software and all other IT requirements
  •  Hand over the responsibility to the experts in their field freeing you off all employment costs, from recruitment and selection, to dealing with staff turnover and other potential employee costs
  • No additional or expensive training is required as the software is already designed for your company, based on industry standards and best practice
  • Personalised reporting facilities expedite your monthly and annual budgeting requirements
  • Statistics are easy to access and compare, allowing immediate analysis
  • Many automated services mean you no longer have to worry about missing SARS, UIF or other Department and Government deadlines
  • Your employees have access to Employee Self Service, meaning your HR has less timely administrative duties to contend with.
  • Time consumer employee requests, such as requests for copies of payslips can be deal with by the Employee themselves, alleviating heavy work-load and distractions for Administrative staff
  • Cloud-based technology means that you have 24/7 access, from anywhere in the world
  • Enjoy the additional Human resources products and services which will stream-line company procedures
  • Contact Pay Solutions staff for all of your Payroll questions or requirements

Never before has the complex Payroll industry been easier.