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IRP5 Tax Numbers from SARS

IRP5 will be due at the end of February. One of the Payroll Services offered by Pay Solutions is obtaining Employee Tax Numbers and generating the employee IRP5. These will be required for the employee IRP5. They can be applied for by the payroll department.

Obtaining Tax Registration numbers for employee IRP5

  • Using the SARS software, EasyFile. Capture the employee details into EasyFile and select the ITReg (income tax registration) option. The system will prompt you for your SARS eFiling Login.
  • The other option is to login in to e-Filing. Go to Organisations. Employee Registration. Capture the information required and submit.

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The SARS efiling mechanism will not send back any details for a person who already has a tax reference number. A message stating that the person is already registered will be received. SARS advise that this is to ensure confidentiality of the employee’s details

If the data you send via the ITREG (income tax registration) process for an employee is identical to what SARS have on file (i.e. address, name, etc.) then the SARS mechanism will send back that persons tax reference number via the easyfile eFiling mechanism.

If the data does not match SARS will not send details to you via easyfile eFiling. The only way to obtain this number is for the applicant to presentpayroll Services, payroll, IRP5, tax reference number, e-Filing, SARS eFiling, eFiling, SARS, EasyFile himself at a SARS office for verification. SARS will then advise the applicant of their tax reference number. The applicant will then hand to the employee for input to the payroll.

Often an employee will advise that they are not registered for tax. This is a problem with many taxpayers in industries where individuals move around regularly. Previous payroll departments at some stage would have submitted IRP5 information for them.  In cases where the employees were not registered, a tax reference number would have automatically been allocated by SARS. Consequently the employee would have left that company, not realizing that he was already registered for tax. The new payroll department then tries to register the employee and cannot because the employee was registered by his previous employer.

The other notification received from SARS is “An IT registration has been submitted for this employee. A valid response has been given back. You are not allowed to request another registration for this employee.” This is if an ITREG for the same person has been requested by the payroll department, more than once.