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Employment Equity Plan

Employment Equity Plan & Submission

Employment Equity Plan

Join Pay Solutions at the Employment Equity 2016 Roadshow in Durban on the 30th August 2016.

Is your company a designated Employer, if so is your company ready to submit to the Department of Labour?

Does your company have more than 50 Employees?

Does your company have an Employment Equity Plan?

Does your company monitor Employment Equity?

Does your company have goals and targets set for Employment Equity?

Does your company have an Employment Equity Committee?

Did your company submit Employment Equity Reports last year?

If you are unsure of any of the above questions its time to speak to one of Pay Solutions HR Consultants. Its not too late to ensure your company remain compliant with the Department of Labour.

We assist clients with Employment Equity Management including Employment Equity Plan, Monitoring and Submission of the reports. Call one of our expert consultants.

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