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Cloud Payroll Services – An Overview by Pay Solutions:

Pay Solutions Outsource Payroll Services use a cloud hosted Payroll / HR Solution called PSIberWorks. This can provide clients with online access to all aspects of their payroll as well as HR information when required.

Benefits of a Cloud Hosted Payroll

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Pay Solutions is responsible for processing and managing your payroll. However, you can access all employee, as well as company information via the cloud any time. This access is naturally controlled by user numbers, passwords and client defined access levels.

You can have 24/7 hour access to payroll information via the cloud where you can do the following:

  • Print payslips and all payroll related reports
  • View and print Company and Employee information including leave forms, leave reports
  • Maintain all employee HR information via the our HR Module facility
  • Structure employee packages via the Payroll Tax  Tool
  • You can offer employees the ESS (Employee Self Service) facility. This will enable them to view and maintain personal information, apply for leave, print leave reports and payslips
  • You may use the Quick tax calculators available in the package for calculating tax and loan repayments
  • The following reports will be available to you:
    • headcount reports,
    • labour turnover reporting,
    • employee leave details,
    • financial information – this includes consolidated reporting across all payrolls, branches etc

Some of the payroll features that you may and added benefits of this method of operation are detailed below:

  • By using our based cloud software, the Outsource Agreement can be structured to enable you to have much more control over your payroll. You may choose full outsourcing (i.e. where Pay Solutions does everything) or choose to capture/maintain various data elements of the payroll. These include
    • Time and attendance capture
    • New engagements
    • Terminations
    • Leave processing
    • HR record maintenance
    • Printing of payslips and/or reports
  • Another advantage of the cloud is that you have 24/7 hour access to payroll information.
  • At any stage, if you would like to bring the payroll processing in-house, the processing simply moves from the from Pay Solutions environment to you environment. In other words you move from our cloud to your cloud!
  • Through our service provider, we implement and notify the client of any tax or legislation changes via formal Release Notices and Newsletters. The upgrading of the system to cater for these changes is done seamlessly by our service provider.
  • Our payroll is SARS compliant, ensuring that tax is correctly calculated. SARS e-filing is catered for and IRP5 tax certificates are created, allowing for files to imported into EasyFile
  • No need for backups, as our service provider backs up the cloud. Their environment also includes a full disaster recovery mechanism.

Pay Solutions provides a Support Service with respect to your payroll related queries.

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